Food and Nutrition Services


The food we take is paramount for leading the lives we want to have. In order for you to get the best nutrition available, be sure to use our advanced nutrition health services. 

Our nutrition services include an incentive program that is closely followed by a supervisor. With our holistic approach, you will notice results right away! 


Nowadays, we can find plenty of information on the Internet on different websites about healthy eating. The point of concern is that not all of the information is trustworthy, making the journey on how to eat healthy more complicated, as many people recommend complicated meal plans that require a lot of time and effort.

If you are one of those people that were forced to believe this, our healthy eating plan is for you! With our plan, you shall receive a guide to eating healthy, which follows the premise that one of the facts about eating healthy is that you can have a healthy food diet for cheap! No more eating bad for you. Get your health eat on with our plans right away.


Healthy eating is something that can be considered an insurmountable mountain for some people. This doesn’t have to be like this. The benefits of eating healthily balanced food are considerable and everlasting as well if you manage to ingrain it into your lifestyle.

It is all about making small adjustments gradually, as depriving yourself of what you want to eat will only be a temporary solution for an ongoing situation. This can become conflictive if addressed in such a manner. This approach belongs to an outdated school of thought.

If you are one of those individuals that have the conviction that eating healthy on a budget is utopic, and that eating a varied menu that gives you a metabolic boost is not viable, you are very far from the truth.


Our Beach Body program includes nutrition coaching services, a treatment program, and all the motivation you need to reach your goals!

Healthy Diet

A healthy, balanced diet requires a wide variety of foods that help regulate metabolism while giving your body the nutrients it needs. The best diet plan is one that combines a holistic approach to improving your lifestyle in general. A balanced diet meal plan is key for reaching your weight loss goals.


If you are trying to lose weight, you need to be running a calorie deficit, which means you need to use more energy than you consume in your food. 

But accomplishing this in a healthy way is best done with a professional involved.

The number one way to achieve this is by combining two things: healthy eating and exercise. You can lose weight by eating healthy, but if you want to lose belly fat you will have to accompany your nutrition program with physical activities such as walking, swimming, cycling, running, or weight training. 

You don’t need to give up tasty meals to lose weight, it’s all a matter of balance.

The perks of following a caloric-deficit diet are that you can lose fat, achieve cellulite detox, get slim fast and easy, and get in shape with one of the most effective methods for natural weight loss

Our balanced diet and exercise plans will get you results in no time!


We know that our services produce real-life results. 


If all of the above still doesn’t convince you, please check out the reviews of some of our customers!

Florina Flo
Florina Flo
20. April, 2022.
I really wanted to share my experience from today. I had booked a consultation with Emilija. She greeted me warmly and she immediately understood my concerns and needs. After that, she performed an amazing 3D body scan, which was emailed to me right away. She came up with a great treatment plan. I completed my treatment and I’m loving my results. Emilija guided me through the treatment and made me feel so comfortable. I loved my experience and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. The place is very clean, they offer very comfortable pillows and comfortable disposable clothing. Over-all 5*
Lina Bider
Lina Bider
17. April, 2022.
Very satisfied with my experience here. Have seen some progress on my tummy and thighs. Nice and clean environment that is relaxing for your treatment. I highly recommend this place!
13. April, 2022.
I love the treatment
Gabriela Aracely Moncayo
Gabriela Aracely Moncayo
13. April, 2022.
Had a wonderful experience and Hermela was very knowledgeable and sweet. Will be returning for more treatment in the very near future
Hiwot Lake
Hiwot Lake
12. April, 2022.
Went here the other day after a friend recommendation and the spa facilities as well as staff are great! I was treated by Hearmela and she gave me a wonderful experience!
11. April, 2022.
A great experience, super friendly staff, Hearmela we fantastic! Def recommend
Roxana Lopez
Roxana Lopez
10. April, 2022.
Wonderful experience! I had the slimming treatment performed by Hearmela, a thorough professional! She was very informative and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely recommend and will be coming back!
Gloria Bumba
Gloria Bumba
10. April, 2022.
Wow I highly recommend this Body medsculpt. You much go . I had an amazing experience on my first consultation day with Hearmela, very professional and well trained she explained all the process from the benefits to the prices ! It was invigorate and renewing ,my skin tingled with a refreshing vibe.I was very comfortable there and felt right at home,relaxing and refreshed,just how I like feel after a treatment!! Congratulations .
Hanna Wahab
Hanna Wahab
9. April, 2022.
Hermela performed the kim8 slimming treatment on me and it was so amazing. I’m loving the results , and more importantly I loved how comfortable she made me feel. So kind so amazing I definitely recommend going and getting treatment from her. Wish her all the best
Mahlet Alemu
Mahlet Alemu
9. April, 2022.
My friend referred me to this clinic, and let me just say wow! Hermela performed my Kim8 slimming treatment and it was absolutely phenomenal! Very satisfied.


Maybe you don’t want to lose any weight, but still have the intention of improving other areas in your life. Let’s say you want to start a weight gain diet plan for muscle building. In this case you will want to consume:


The existing diet meal plans we have for you are almost unlimited. You can choose any healthy diet available that best adjusts to your way of life, food preferences, food intake, and desires. You can pick any diet plan:

  • Mediterranean
  • Gluten free
  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Low carb
  • Fenoboci
  • Dukan
  • Low sugar
  • High fiber
  • High fat
  • Paleo diet
  • Alkaline
  • Macro diet
  • Boiled egg diet
  • Indian
  • Whole food
  • Bariatric
  • Pegan
  • Juicing
  • Elimination diet
  • Protein diet

Feel free to contact us for further information to get a customized diet of your choice.


If you want a specific type of diet plan that adjusts to your necessities, here you will find exactly what you are looking for! Whether it be for fitness goals, for other health-related reasons, to lose weight, or any other topics that are bound to suit your interests you can find them here. These are some examples of a diet plan for women:

We understand that you may be going through a particular moment in your life, and that a personalized diet is a must-have. We are here to assist you!


You may be going through a period in your life where you want to get ripped, or you just simply want to stay healthy while navigating through exigent times. Here you can also discover precisely what you want too! A healthy diet for men can range from a weight loss program to starting a diet for healthy sperm. Here are some examples:

If you have any other wishes, we can comply with them. Contact us and we will offer a helping hand.