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EMS Body Sculpting

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EMSculpt increases muscle volume and fiber count using electromagnetic energy to produce toned, sculpted muscles.

Faster & More Noticable Results are Achieved by Deep & Strong Muscle Contractions, which Force the Muscles to Firm & Tone More Rapidly Than Voluntary Contractions from Exercise!

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TruSculpt is a new body contouring technique which helps to tone muscles and reduce body fat. This technology deliver personalized, comfortable treatment experience with long lasting results. During the first session our patients experience in up to 24% fat reduction. TruSculpt generates up to 54,000contraction per session, isolate and treat 8 areas simultaneously, and stimulate 5 different workouts.  

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- Jess Collins
Google Review

“I did ultrasonic cavitation with Ramnit and the results are insane! It looks like I did an insane three month bootcamp. I feel much more ready for my end of summer vacation, it was definitely with the money. 

- JY Liu
Google Review

“A very nice and welcoming clinic. I had the RF and cavitation done with Stefan on my inner thighs. I was looking for options to tighten and get rid of fat on my inner thighs and he suggested this treatment. I’m happy to say that my inner thighs do look lighter. We took measurements and lost 2.5 inches. It’s a treatment that works best in combination with exercise and a healthy diet. I was not expecting a large amount of inches lost so I am satisfied. Will definitely be going back for other treatments in the future!

TruSculpt Technology

At Body MedSculpt, we use TruSculpt machine for body sculpting treatment. It make your muscles work in three modes. 

Prep Mode  – creates a twisting motion to warm up, stretch the muscles and slowly build tolerance to muscle contractions. 

Tone Mode – contracts the muscles, holds it to the point of exhaustion, and then relaxes to increase strength and enhance endurance.

Sculpt Mode – fast, deep, sequential contractions of the muscles to build muscle mass and increase basal metabolic rate(BMR).


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At Body MedSculpt, we are passionate about what we do. Our talented, certified professionals perform world-class face and body rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments. Your experience at Body MedSculpt will be empowering, supportive, warm, and welcoming. Total patient satisfaction is our priority.

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