Cellulite Treatment


Although a natural effect of aging, up to 90% of women will experience in their lifetimes and many still find the appearance of cellulite to be extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, solutions do exist. While many cellulite reduction procedures are surgical in nature, new non-invasive cosmetic treatments for cellulite can be extremely effective with a smaller chance of complications.



First of all, set your mind at ease—it is absolutely possible to minimize cellulite in the body even after it develops. You can get rid of cellulite once you have it. There are many different potential solutions for cellulite which differ considerably in the level of invasiveness. On the more invasive side there are options like liposuction and laser treatments, but these have a longer recovery time and a greater chance of complications. 

Venus Legacy™

One of the best ways to treat cellulite is the use of radio-frequency devices like the Venus Legacy™ to directly target the fat deposits that are responsible for the distinctive lumpiness seen with cellulite. This is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of cellulite.


If you are a Toronto or GTA resident exploring your options for a non-invasive cellulite treatment that works, Body MedSculpt has the solution you are looking for.

Our clinic offers cutting-edge in non-invasive cellulite solutions with the Venus Legacy™ Cellulite Treatment Machine. This innovative medical device is an excellent solution for cellulite as well as skin-tightening and wrinkle-reduction treatment. It combines multi-polar radio-frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate the breakdown of accumulated fat beneath the skin and increase circulation and collagen synthesis.

If you’re looking to get rid of cellulite fast, contact our clinic to learn more about this exciting cellulite solution.

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  • Improved skin appearance
  • Better blood flow and oxygenation in the treatment area
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • More toned muscle definition


Take a look at some of the astounding results our clients have seen with radio frequency for cellulite reduction.


Here’s what our clients have been saying about our proven cellulite removal treatment.

Florina Flo
Florina Flo
20. April, 2022.
I really wanted to share my experience from today. I had booked a consultation with Emilija. She greeted me warmly and she immediately understood my concerns and needs. After that, she performed an amazing 3D body scan, which was emailed to me right away. She came up with a great treatment plan. I completed my treatment and I’m loving my results. Emilija guided me through the treatment and made me feel so comfortable. I loved my experience and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. The place is very clean, they offer very comfortable pillows and comfortable disposable clothing. Over-all 5*
Lina Bider
Lina Bider
17. April, 2022.
Very satisfied with my experience here. Have seen some progress on my tummy and thighs. Nice and clean environment that is relaxing for your treatment. I highly recommend this place!
13. April, 2022.
I love the treatment
Gabriela Aracely Moncayo
Gabriela Aracely Moncayo
13. April, 2022.
Had a wonderful experience and Hermela was very knowledgeable and sweet. Will be returning for more treatment in the very near future
Hiwot Lake
Hiwot Lake
12. April, 2022.
Went here the other day after a friend recommendation and the spa facilities as well as staff are great! I was treated by Hearmela and she gave me a wonderful experience!
11. April, 2022.
A great experience, super friendly staff, Hearmela we fantastic! Def recommend
Roxana Lopez
Roxana Lopez
10. April, 2022.
Wonderful experience! I had the slimming treatment performed by Hearmela, a thorough professional! She was very informative and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely recommend and will be coming back!
Gloria Bumba
Gloria Bumba
10. April, 2022.
Wow I highly recommend this Body medsculpt. You much go . I had an amazing experience on my first consultation day with Hearmela, very professional and well trained she explained all the process from the benefits to the prices ! It was invigorate and renewing ,my skin tingled with a refreshing vibe.I was very comfortable there and felt right at home,relaxing and refreshed,just how I like feel after a treatment!! Congratulations .
Hanna Wahab
Hanna Wahab
9. April, 2022.
Hermela performed the kim8 slimming treatment on me and it was so amazing. I’m loving the results , and more importantly I loved how comfortable she made me feel. So kind so amazing I definitely recommend going and getting treatment from her. Wish her all the best
Mahlet Alemu
Mahlet Alemu
9. April, 2022.
My friend referred me to this clinic, and let me just say wow! Hermela performed my Kim8 slimming treatment and it was absolutely phenomenal! Very satisfied.


The cost of cellulite treatment varies considerably depending on the area of the body being treated and whether the patient wants the procedure done in more than one place. For cellulite removal in Toronto, expect prices starting from $250.

Cellulite treatment



How does cellulite look? Cellulite is the name for a skin condition that takes the form of uneven, dimpled, or lumpy flesh. It is significantly more likely to affect women.

Cellulite is created by the buildup of fat beneath the skin. Here are some of the symptoms: The surface of your skin is connected to the muscle beneath it by bands of connective tissue. Fat sits between the skin and the muscle, and as it begins to build up, it pushes up on the skin, bulging in areas that aren’t anchored by those connective tissue bands and causing a dimpled, uneven appearance to the skin. Unsurprisingly, as cellulite is caused by fat accumulation, it generally appears on areas of the body where fat settles, such as the buttocks, the legs and thighs (including the inner thigh area and the back leg area), on stomach fat, on arms, and on calves.

Cellulite is caused by a buildup of fat underneath the skin. Some people are more predisposed to it than others. The amount of cellulite you have and how noticeable it is can be based on your genes, body fat percentage, and age. The thickness of your skin also affects the appearance of cellulite.

Almost anyone who is looking to get rid of cellulite without resorting to surgery is a good candidate for radiofrequency cellulite treatment Toronto. And unlike some cosmetic procedures, Venus Legacy™ cellulite treatments are safe for darker skin tones.

It is also helpful for a patient to be around the weight they’re planning to remain, as fluctuations in weight can affect the appearance of cellulite.

There’s no real preparation necessary! Just make sure the skin at the treatment area is clean and do not apply any skincare or makeup in the area before your session.

When you come in for treatment with the Venus Legacy™, the practitioner performing the procedure will apply a gel to help lubricate the skin. They will choose an appropriate applicator based on the size and location of the treatment area and run it along the skin as it heats up and helps melt away the fat that has accumulated beneath the skin. When the procedure is complete, a soothing gel, lotion, or cold compress will help calm the skin in the area.

The treatment is quick! Depending on the area being treated, it can take as little as 15 minutes, and usually no more than a half-hour.  

The use of the Venus Legacy™ to eliminate cellulite is not only quick but also extremely non-invasive. The medical professional performing the treatment will move the applicator over the desired treatment area. The applicator will slowly heat up until your skin reaches the optimum temperature range, then remain in that range. It may feel hot, but should not at any point burn, and can be adjusted downward if it is uncomfortable.

Some treatments will also include the VariPulse™ feature, which combines heat with a gentle suction against the skin to help increase circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and generally enhance the effect of the treatment.

The procedure should not be painful, and in fact, can be very relaxing for some.

There is absolutely no recovery time necessary after the procedure. While your skin may be slightly flushed for a few hours afterwards, the surface of the skin is not compromised by this procedure. You can immediately resume your regular activities and do not need to avoid putting cosmetics or skincare products on the area for any period of time afterwards.

Athough cellulite removal doesn’t require any recovery time, there are ways to help the procedure’s effectiveness and slow the return of cellulite. Drinking lots of water and diet with exercise will help your body flush broken cells and speed along the cellulite reduction process. A healthy lifestyle and maybe even a detox can also help prevent cellulite. They’re also very important to lymphatic drainage, which is a crucial aspect of cellulite reduction.

It’s also recommended that you avoid processed, sugary, or carb-rich foods that can lead to cellulite. Swap them out for foods and beverages that boost collagen production and circulation, including eggs, salmon, peppers, broccoli, green tea, and berries.

The skin in the treatment area may feel heated after the procedure. This is nothing to worry about and you should not apply ice or a cold compress to the area.

As a general rule, it is recommended that you avoid long periods of direct sun exposure and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen whenever you go outside.

The effects of the Venus Legacy™ treatment accumulate over multiple sessions, with most patients needing between six and eight sessions to reach their desired results. While even one treatment will reduce cellulite, you should expect to be back in a week for a follow-up appointment, with subsequent appointments continuing a week apart until you are satisfied.

The results of RF treatment for cellulite are not permanent, but the appearance of your skin will continue to improve for several months after your final treatment session. Combining RF treatments with a nutritious diet and exercise will help extend the effects, but you may eventually need maintenance treatments. These tips may help you prevent cellulite as well. Discuss with your treatment provider to get a better idea of how often you might expect to get maintenance treatments.

Absolutely! The Venus Legacy™ is non-invasive and is both Health Canada and FDA approved.

While the Venus Legacy™ is approved for use on almost all individuals, it is still important to note potential side effects. You may experience some swelling and/or redness in the area, though both should subside within a few days if not a few hours. If your treatment includes the use of the VariPulse you may also experience some light bruising from the suction.

Some conditions may prevent you from being able to have your cellulite treatment. These include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Auto-immune Disease
  • Conditions involving medical implants such as pacemakers
  • Inflammation or infection in the treatment area


Remember to always speak to your practitioner about any concerns you may have so they can help you determine the best course of treatment for you.